Oh yea, I am going to need one of each, the tea cattle, the polka dot elephant, the camera, the vase with the the flowers.....yes I will need them all!  Cause' these knit creations from Anne-Claire Petit are the cutest most adorable I've ever seen!  Designer Anne-claire from the Netherland, thank you for making me giggle and reminding me of my heavenly childhood where things were still playful and innocent, it is much needed these days.  Feeling the need for a knitted watch, a knitted guitar or a knitted pink pig?  Go and get it right here.



I love love the Junior collection by Armadillo & Co.  The Australian duo of Armadillo & Co, Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst, were looking to create honest and earthy line of rugs with the idea of combining aesthetics with ethics.  Their rugs are crafted in India under fair trade + they are made from sustainable natural fibers like pure wool, jute, cotton and hemp. This round and jolly line is aimed for kiddies but it could totally work in any room of the house, my house for sure.