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A place for the male version of me.

This enormous bare space really fancies the male version of me. I love how with its manly decor style= only necessities, it still feels homey to me.This magnificent space is located in Schöneberg, Berlin and it has been the home/work space of photographer/artist Mangus Reed and his daughter for the past three years. Reed is a well known fashion/advertising photographer originally from sweden- his website is down, but you can find some of his work here . Part of this gigantic Berlin apartment is being rented for the use of photo shoot productions, this is probably why it is being maintained the way it is. And I simply adore it, the openness, the flow of it, makes me want to go and get rid of some of my own unnecessary things....

Images via Freunde von freunden.

Choreography- Nature

Françoise Nielly’s wicked portraits