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Accessorize with Ikea

We all have our opinion about Ikea products- it really depends on your approach. If you want stuff that lasts long, Ikea furniture probably will not be your first choice. But you can always accessorize! I dragged my husband to Ikea (Long Island) this weekend and caught on camera some of their cute home accessories- you know, where they trap you one last time at the end (genius approach on their behalf). A cool rounded rug, a frame or storage box , I always find something I need (yes dear husband- it's a genuine need!) . So here, I specified the name of each one so you can find them and check them out online.

1- Mat -TVIS/ 2- Table lamp- GAVIK/ 3- Tray - BÄRBAR/ 4- N/A- Sorry/ 5- Storage box- SNIKA/ 6- Hanger- BÄSTIS/ 7- pendant lamp - IKEA PS 2012/ 8- Tray - BÄRBAR DOTTED/ 9- Rug- SPRINGKORN/ 10- Tray- SKURAR/ 11- Table lamp - LJUSÅS UVÅS/ 12- vases - ANGENÄM

Once upon a time, in the Hudson Valley woods…

La Cerise sur le Gâteau- “the icing on the cake”