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Five things you need for your work space

#1- location. Assuming you dont have a separate room for your work area, look for a quiet corner, away from any distraction like a tv. A place with lots of natural light would be great and preferably with a view.

#2 - Inspiration wall/board. Especialy when you dont have a view to the outside, you will need something to set up a spark and inspire you. Put together images and everything (hangable) that excites you (even if you don't know why), it will become valuable at some point, and having it surround you would feel good.

#3- Desk accessories. Yes, even though you have everything you need on your computer to take notes, draw sketches , etc, you still must have it accessible the old fashion way for those brilliant ideas that will pop up . So get your pens, notebook, clock and whatever work tools you might need.

#4 - Storage! The most important thing for staying organized. I myself, have not mastered this theory yet, but they say it works. Drawers and cabinets are great, you can hide a lot there. Shelves are for display, so you can keep things there that you would like to easily find.

#5 - Resources. Meaning your books, magazines, catalogs and any other sources of information you'll need around you available. It is also great as an additional source of inspiration!

Have a great creative weekend everyone!

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