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Get your urban thumbs green.

Plants works like magic in bringing calm and fresh atmosphere into a space. They also increase oxygen and air filtration, which is great for an urban creature like me. Great designs like these makes stylish greenery even in an apartment-like limited space. These planters and terrariums are small, and can be hung on the wall, from the ceiling, or be placed on any surface. And no worries about maintaining them, some plants like Pepperomia or Golden Pothos Vinecan can (more here ) thrive in a low-light urban space. So go get your thumbs green in style!

Clockwise: Pill Terrariums by Sprout home , Porcelain baby doll head by Reshape Studio , Mini Air Plant Container Pod via Etsy , The Circle Pot by Potted

Felt planters by Urbilies

Glass terrariums by Score+solder

Otchipotchi by Orphan Socks

Aerium Egg Planters by Sprout Home

Get ready to fall in love.

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