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Guess who lives in here? Its your favorite TV character!

This is freaky amusing! Spanish artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde aka Nikneuk actually took the time and patience to hand draw the floor plans of her favorite TV shows. It is a VERY tedious and time consuming work (I can safely and nicely say as a former interior design student). Check out the end result, it is pretty cute and fun to see all the details, and some of them we never knew of, it makes it all very real in my mind. So go a head, see if you can guess who they belong to (Hint! 1- some of the tv shows are from a decade ago, 2- the first three are NYC natives) Good luck!

Lets see if you got it...

1- The cute cozy apartment of the lovely Carrie Bradshaw.

2- Got it?? Its Joey-Chandler and Monica- Rachel apartments.

3- It's Jerry Seinfeld's, hehe.

4- Goes to Frasier (The piano gives it away, no?!).

5- Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny's apartments form "The Big Bang Theory".

6- Ted Mosby's from "How I met your mother".

7- It's Dexter.

So how did you do?

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