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Jaime Hayon at the top of my list

I love every creation from this designer. Rarely I would see something from him that is not aesthetically pleasing to me. From the whole to the details, everything makes sense. The forms, colors, choices of materials, I get it!

Looking at this Spanish artist/designer’s creations as a collection feels to me like a sophisticated fantasy world. His objects seem to have this childish flare to them with their roundness and simplicity, like old wooden toys. Whether if it’s the textures or combination of materials, it is the details (always is!) that give them the Glam.

Here’s an accurate description of what he’s about:

Jaime’s vision blurs the lines between art, decoration and design bringing back a renaissance in finely-crafted, intricate objects within the context of contemporary design culture: creating furniture, product, interiors, sculptures and art Installations. (quoted from Hayon Studio.com”)

Guest of honor at the biennia interieur in Kortrijk

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