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Less is more in Sweden

Now that takes guts! This apartment from the late 19th century is owned by Sara and Julius from Malmö, Sweden. They took over this impressive apartment with a creative approach. Since they were so smitten by its beautiful details and tied on a budget, they decided not to decorate the apartment with the expected lavish approach but to actually leave it alone. Using only what they already owned; well loved pieces, hand me downs, and second hand finds, they have managed to bring out the best in the incredible historical features that it possessed . How cool is the end result?!

The creative owners Sara Hellgren and Julius Andersson.

By painting the room dark green, they wanted to create a feel of an english library.

Must have this table! Oh and look at the the window setting

"It's like having a bookshelf of clothes - It brings in a bit of color and life" says Sara about the open closet concept. I'm more focused on the awesome collection of shoes .

Photography by Petra Bindel and Styling by Emma Persson Lagerberg For Elle Interior.

Animal lamps by Abigail Ahern.

Guess who lives in here? Its your favorite TV character!