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Location location location-It’s Rio time

It's easy to love this apartment because you can tell that it was designed with Love! This colorful-eclectic-modern apartment is located in the beautiful vibrant city of Rio De Janeuro, Gávea neighborhood, and is owned by interior designer Ana Teresa Bello. The apartment feels so lively, warm, and personal (like Rio, I imagine...) and that's something that I believe can only be done with time. All those different thrift shop objects in every corner of the apartment is a collection of places and memories from Bello's traveling. This is a great example of how stuff you love, different as they may be, can really come together.

Notice! the neon sign on the wall-"Protect me from what I want", ha-ha! (nothing clever to say, it's true)

Patterns and colors and shapes, oh my!

“The artist’s place”- Kirra Jamison

Couture ballet shoes