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Louis Vuitton+AIKO= New Beautiful silk scarfs!

Louis Vuitton is keeping its collaboration with the arts and for this 2013 spring-summer collection: FOULARDS D’ARTISTES, it has taped the amazing AIKO. I love AIKO, which btw translates to "LADY LOVE" in japanese and I would totally steal it if I had any relation to Japan. This japanese, american artist is recognized in the contemporary art world as one of the most important artists working today. She is inspired by Pop Art, Graffiti, and Street Art with the use of Japanese traditional aesthetic. Her paintings and murals are playfully portraying femininity, sexuality, and the beauty of human life. And it all translate to a new Louis Vuitton amazing foulard! It will fit perfectly with everything I have in my closet and... my birthday is coming up... so... Anyone!?

The four seasons foulard by AIKO.

The amazing AIKO (Lady Love)

The Bowery Wall

The Standard

Collage on used spray cans.

She uses collaging, stenciling, silk screening, and hand painting to create a dense, layered image full of life and positive energy.

Tokyo Tattoo

Kiss (left) Cover of Love cat Magazine(right).

Check out the work on this collection at Louis Vuitton.

Outdoor Wallpaper! Yup, that’s right!

For a Brooklyn princess.