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I've met Sonya Winner at the AD home design show two weeks ago and was immediately smitten by her friendliness and genuine smile. We started talking about rugs and how they're handmade in Nepal and such - check it here , it's quite interesting. I was excited to find out that Sonya (yeah, we're friends now) is the sole designer working in her studio in the UK. And her rug designing story is pretty inspiring. She worked as a photographer when she was asked to design a rug for a special occasion, and that one time rug design became a sensation! Then, life shifted completely due to a horse riding accident that left Sonya badly injured with a long recovery ahead. Being no longer able to keep up with her photography, called for a change, she decided she's going to design more vibrant, colorful, vivid rugs instead! What an great story, thanks for sharing, Sonya! And I'm really glad we've met!

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