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Outdoor Wallpaper! Yup, that’s right!

Outdoor wallpaper by Wall & Deco! It's a mind blowing concept but their design is even more! Outdoor, indoor, they are all so pretty! What to choose?? I'm so lost. Wall & Deco from Italy (where else) excel in their originality and technical innovation of materials. Their "Life" indoor wall paper collection has no repeating image (like ordinary wall paper), but it's one large and single photographic image which covers the entire wall. OUT - Outdoor Unconventional Texture, is a system they've developed that allows incredible photographic reproductions and large-scale graphic designs to be applied onto outside walls. It's a great concept and should be applied to all! How wonderful would it be to have all those buildings in your neighborhood covered with those shapes and colors, who wouldn't be happy in a place like that?!

Here are some of their Interior Wallpaper, are you as excited as I??

Guess who lives in here? Its your favorite TV character!

Louis Vuitton+AIKO= New Beautiful silk scarfs!