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PUNK: Chaos to Couture

Great cover by New Yorker Magazine of Anna Wintour looking like a punk! It's all about the Met's spring 2013 Costume Institute exhibition- PUNK: Chaos to Couture , starting May 9th until August 13th (member previews 7th and 8th). I'm excited about this , although I was a 90's child, I definitely had a punk fase with army boots and shaved head- yeah! I had it all! The exhibition will show original punk garments, recent ones, and the cloth will be animated with period music videos and soundscaping audio techniques- very cool! I'm so dressing up for the occasion!

Paul Cook, late 1970s, Photograph © Dennis Morris - all rights reserved ----- Comme des Garçons (Japanese, founded 1969), spring/summer 2006, Photograph by Catwalking.

John Lydon, 1976, Photograph by Ray Stevenson/Rex USA ------ Gianni Versace (Italian, founded 1978), spring/summer 1994 Vogue Paris, February 1994 Photograph © Satoshi Saïkusa.

Patti Smith, late 1970s, Photograph by Caroline Coon, Camera Press ----- Ann Demeulemeester (Belgian, born 1959), spring/summer 2000, Photograph by Catwalking.

Sid Vicious, 1977 Photograph © Dennis Morris - all rights reserved ----- Karl Lagerfeld (French, born Hamburg, 1938) for House of Chanel (French, founded 1913) Vogue, March 2011, Photograph by David Sims / art partner.

Jordan, 1977 Photograph from Rex USA ----- Rodarte (American, founded 2005) Vogue, July 2008, Photograph by David Sims.

Richard Hell, late 1970s,Photograph © Kate Simon ----- Hussein Chalayan (British, born Cyprus, 1970), spring/summer 2003 Dazed and Confused, March 2003, Photograph by Eric Nehr.

Images via Nymag and The Metropolitan Museum Of Art .

Retro Rustic in Chicago

Beautiful simplicity in Chelsea