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“The artist’s place”- Kirra Jamison

This artwork of a house is the home and work space of Australian artist Kirra Jamison. She lives and creates in this two-story partially renovated warehouse in Melbourne. She is living my dream! This awesome space was transformed by Kirra and her partner and seems to be a real reflection of her art work. The large painted white walls makes all the colorful furniture, artwork, and their other collectibles pop out. Much like her own abstract art. They have filled the house with objects, colors, textures, and experiences that inspire them. Every part of it was retouched, restored or repainted. The fact that this creative house is located in a community full of painters, photographers, and interior designers, a florist and a furniture designer, complete the picture perfect creative heaven for me.

I love love these pillows from Castle, Anthropologie. The amazing watercolor art work (above sofa) is called "Monkey Business" by Luisa Rossitto.

Artwork shown is made out of hand cut vinyl appliqué on cotton rug paper.

They've built the wall themselves and custom-made the chalk paint color. The drawings are remnants from a house party.

Pop & Scott swing

Kirra's work- "With a roof of flint and a floor of chalk"(left) "He Smelt Like Apples"(right)

Images via Inside out Magazine

For a Brooklyn princess.

Location location location-It’s Rio time