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The best thing about the Oscars

Obviously, it is the red carpet runway, with the beautiful Houte Couture worn by famous people. Of course, I always miss that part and start watching when "best sound editing award" is on. And, although, sound editing is very important, they are not usually the ones with the beautiful gowns. But, no worries, I got the full report from the "fashion police" and I kind of agree. "Worst dress" goes to Anne Hathaway's Prada dress, and "best dress" goes to Jennifer Lawrence's Dior flower dress. Dior's Haute Couture, spring-summer 2013 collection, is all about the idea of flower- woman, and it's all handmade with gorgeous embroidered details. This January, it all came together in this amazing fashion show set by Bureau Betak.

I’m moving in

Goodbye winter