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The house of the annoyingly talented Abigail Ahern!

Abigail Ahern is back on the blog (animals with lamp shades on top of their heads, remember?), and this time with a tour of her house! Yes, it's another one of my dream homes, and that's to be expected because Abigail Ahern is SO annoyingly talented! I love her bold choice of living in this dark-grey colored interior, it feels like the space has history behind it- a certain depth. And the eclectic mix of her elegant and corky furnishing gives it a down to earth-luxuries look. I simply love the color combination of the pinks+blues with the browns against the dark grey walls. This combination fits the location too- which is London, of course. And how about those tall large windows in the living area? Do you see that garden view?! Yup, I would totally move in without changing a thing!

Images via The selby

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